Irrigation Efficiency Partners Pty Ltd

Irrigation Efficiency Partner (IEP) is an exciting group of very knowledge people all with different levels of practical and fundamental experience. IEP partners come together with the same passion of better irrigation farming techniques which hopefully will lead to a more sustainable future.  With IEP you will get the best outcome for you on farm irrigation upgrade that not only can save you water but also advance your farming enterprise into irrigation best practice. This can be for some a business changing experience that can offer a new dimension going forward.

If you are thinking of any irrigation upgrade, please  feel free to contact IEP and we will be happy to discuss your options. Even if you are not looking for Government funding we can still help by offering the right information and advice.

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Another IEP project.

This monster Lateral Move Irrigator was built near Conargo NSW. It is a huge 1200M wide system that can deliver 25Ml of water per day when required. This system is very unique as it has three wheel flexible towers to enable it to walk over Rice banks for Duel irrigation.

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