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Betta Fresha Import and Export Company

March 6 2014

PFT Export Company (PFTEC) has cemented its presence in the China market with the finalising of their WOFE company. The new WOFE Company “Betta Fresha Import and Export (Tianjin) Company” has completed its registration and now finalising all the relevant licence to start importing 100% Australian food into the Chinese market place. General Manager Anna…

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PFTAGG Earthmoving

November 1 2013

PFTAGG earthmoving Pty Ltd has teamed up with XCMG (for some products) and a number of Chinese trading partners to bring together the most modern line up of cost effective machinery available. XCMG is one of the largest construction machinery builders in the world. This XCMG Tele-Handler the largest in its class is testament to…

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Agrivice leading the way in farm reconfiguration and irrigation modernisation best practices

November 1 2013

Another Agrivice project underway in Northern Victoria. Involves transforming five run down old flood irrigated dairy farms into one large dairy using centre pivot technology to maximise the water use and labour savings. More about this project as it becomes available. Agrivice has proven specialist knowledge to provide the best advice with large and small…

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Irrigation Efficiency Partners

October 25 2013

Irrigation Efficiency Partners Pty Ltd (IEP) works with irrigation farmers to achieve more production from every mega litre. We locate and secure investment opportunities for farmers wanting to modernise their irrigation system and we also assist farmers to create investment-ready and cost effective farm infrastructure projects using todays best irrigation practices. Irrigation is not just…

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Center Irrigation Pty Ltd does it again

October 24 2013

Center Irrigation has again proven an indstry leader with the completion of this massive Reinke lateral Irrigator at Conargo NSW. This massive over 1200M wide system has the largest capacity of any system produced today and combines the latest GPS global positioning technology with a massive 25ML per day pumping capacity. This system also boasts…

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